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  2. My night

  3. Both on their phones. Love these guys tho. Chris and Jeffery

  4. Excited for this Yeezy album!

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  6. "I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself…"
    — Beyonce
  7. My babyyy. Got him last week. So excited cuz this one is a lot more portable and just more convenient than the t3i I had. Haven’t named him yet lol but def gonna be carrying him around with me everywhere 😁


  8. The beginning

    I constantly see people just promoting themselves on all these different media sites and I always think to myself, yo these are just regular ass people. Part of me thinks it’s pathetic but nonetheless, they get recognized and just even exposed for being their regular ass selves. People know who they are and even though I’m not striving to be a celebrity I feel like I have a bit more to offer than the regular joe. Not sure exactly what it may be but it’s definitely in me. So anywaysss, I’ve decided that whether I get the attention of a million people or absolutely nobody, I’m gonna start putting myself out there more thru this page cuz I honestly think I’m kinda interesting. We’ll see how this shit goes and hopefully I don’t get tired of it or give up after a good two weeks. If anything I’ll laugh about it, right? So here’s to the beginning of… I don’t even know.